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January 19, 2012

I’m new to blogging but have had it in mind for a few years.  This is going to be a release for me and the images that haunt me from my childhood and formative growing time of my soul and my brain.

I have learned about advocacy from a daughter with disabilities in the public school system.   This has been a real challenge and positive experience getting her the assistance she needed in her earlier years in school.

Mutiny on the Bounty is one of my favorite movies.  I thoroughly enjoy the aspect of right winning out over power.  There is always a price to pay for mutiny and it might not be the popular choice, but sometimes it is what is needed to facilitate change.

My goal is not to hurt my parents.  I think they have hurt themselves enough over the years.  My goal is not to rehabilitate my parents.  They are beyond redemption at this point.  My goal is not to humiliate my parents either.  I wouldn’t see the point.

I need closure from my childhood.  I need to try and put the images etched in my brain to rest.  I need to be able to learn to accept who I have become as an adult and finally like myself for who I am and not what was expected of me.

My goal is to reach other hurting human beings out in the world.  My goal is to help others on my personal journey of healing.  My goal is to get maybe just one parent to stop beating their child and see how it is hurting both the parent and child.  My goal is to help facilitate change in parenting behind closed doors. My goal is to help that child who has no voice of his or her own.

This is my start.  Next I will be outlining some things that did happen to me as a child.  And I will also voice my displeasure at the adults who knew about what was going on in my family and did nothing to help me or my brother.  I know it was the seventies and a different time.  At least, that’s what I’ve been told when I bring up this point.  I will outline my teen age and young adult years and how it led to my abusive long term marriage.  And why I stayed for so long.

Also key to me has been therapy.  I would not be here and where I am today without help of professionals.  There have been a few on my path.  All of them have helped me in their own way and I will also chronicle some of these sessions in my blogging.

And also I will tell about how this all has effected my own two children.  For years I thought I had broken the cycle of abuse.  One day I will blog about the day I realized this was not so.  It will be very painful reliving that day.

I also write short stories and poetry and plan on sharing this at some point, but not just yet.  It’s not time for that information, yet.

I am hopeful my first blog catches your attention.  I welcome feedback on all that I write.  My new journey begins…



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