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family rules

Hiding in Closets

John and I were always scheming in games and in life.  We always had our heads together about something and it usually drove my mother crazy.  She did not like seeing us be so close to each other.  We would do a like of childish activities that would upset her.  We had different games we liked to play.  We would turn the couch cushions into forts and make a huge mess in the family room.  It was great fun.  It kept us occupied for long periods of time.  My Mom did not like it though because she thought some harm could come to her cushions.  John and I loved to get into her sewing box and take spools of thread and unravel them and make pretty designs in my bedroom and call them spiderwebs.  We really got in trouble for this one because it was wasting her money.  John always made sure we did this in my bedroom and then he’d ditch out when my mom would come around and I would be the one getting into trouble.  He was good that way.  He spent a lot of his boyhood time trying to get me into trouble for things he did.  My Dad would come through the door at the end of the day at 6:00 pm every day for years.  The first thing he would do is kiss my mother.  She would then hand him a drink.  And then he’d say hello to us.  This went on for a long time and it was routine.  But then came the times when my father would start yelling at us when he came home.  John and I put our heads together and came up with a plan. We’d hide in the closet which had slats to see through and we would observe quietly.  This way we would know what kind of mood he was in.  When we had a green light we would go greet him and give him a hug.  If he would in a foul mood we knew to go hide and not come out until dinner.  This went on for some months and worked fairly well for us two kids.  Then came one day when we had been mad at each other.  We continued our argument into the closet when our father would come home.  Unfortunately, he came home in a foul mood that evening.  He heard us arguing and came running down the hallway to the hall closet where we had been used to hiding.  He threw open the closet doors and there we were, hiding.  He became enraged and dragged us out of the closet.  He demanded to know what we were doing in that closet again.  This informed me that he had figured out we were in the closet before tonight.  We were sent to our rooms.  He told us if we ever hid in the closets again he would bring his belt to us.  I went to my room and cried.  My security was gone.  I had grown secure hiding in the closet and now that was gone.  I felt alone in my insecurity.  John was not allowed to come into my room for some time.  It was our punishment.  


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