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When I was in grade school, I loved to catch lizards. I would make a little home for them in a pie tin. I’d put in rocks, leaves and a little bowl for a pool of water. I would put together the little home first, and then I would go out and catch my lizard. … Continue reading

Creepy Neighbor

I still remember the last night I had a good night sleep not being afraid of the dark. I was in kindergarten. My older brother had his new friend from next door spend the night over our house. Kerri. I went to bed sleeping happy thoughts in my bed. A few hours later, John and … Continue reading

The second memory

My previous post is called recovered memories. The second stirred memory was behind the reason I started therapy again during this time. I was having trouble with dealing with my young daughters and their stage of development during the terrible two stage. One of my daughters would throw herself down in front of me to … Continue reading

Recovered Memories

At one point in the beginning of my recovery journey, I had a lot of memories floating around in my brain that wanted to come out. My therapist told me not to force the memories. Let them come up naturally and unforced. And that’s what I did. One day I was driving home by myself … Continue reading

The Flying Plate

My mom was a stay at home mother like all the other moms back then.  That was a time when kids had moms there for them and they actually had time to cook dinners for their family.  My mother would spend hours in the kitchen every afternoon planning and making meals for my father.  The … Continue reading