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Creepy Neighbor

I still remember the last night I had a good night sleep not being afraid of the dark. I was in kindergarten. My older brother had his new friend from next door spend the night over our house. Kerri. I went to bed sleeping happy thoughts in my bed. A few hours later, John and Kerri came in and they both shook me awake. They said “we wanted to make sure you weren’t dead. We saw an axe murderer come into the house and we wanted to check and make sure you were in one piece.” I woke up and processed what they had just said to me. I imagined myself laying in the bed with bits of chopped Nicki on the bed. I started screaming. And screaming. I woke up the entire household with my screaming. John and Kerri ran as fast as possible back into John’s bedroom. My parents came running in. The lights came on. I still could not stop screaming. I was terrified. I remember being so scared. It took me a long time to calm down. I could not speak when I did stop screaming. I still remember the frightened heart pounding blinding fear I experienced that night.

Kerri and John had a falling out later that year. To this day, John has only negative things to say about Kerri. I was happy they stopped being friends even though Karri lived next door to us.

I had been scared out of my mind by the waking up and being told someone was coming into the house to kill me. It took me months to be able to sleep without the light on after that incident. I never really got to a comfortable place again with the lights out after this. I am a grown woman afraid of the dark. And this night was the beginning of this fear.

My parents did very little about Karri. He still came into the house. He still talked to me. He still made me nervous and I would stay as far away from him as possible. I did not like when he would come into our house. I came to not like him talking to me at all. In fact, this young man was probably the first person I ever came to completely dislike.


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