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family rules

The coping mechanisms commence

I did the best I could with what I had to work with within the limits of my home and my imagination.  It was a good thing I was a smart inventive child.  I used this to help me cope with what was going on in my home behind closed doors.  

I developed an altar ego named Cherry Robinson.  I did not like who I was, where I was living, or what was happening to me.  Can you blame me?  I developed an older altar ego who I would pretend to be.  She was someone I would play with in my imagination and with my other girl friends.  They knew who Cherry Robinson was.  They knew I did not like my real name so sometimes I would ask them to call me Cherry.  She was older and more savvy than I was at eight years old.  She would set me straight and tell me how things would be when I was grown up and no longer a child under the tyranny of my mother and father.  This gave me hope for a better tomorrow.  She would give me advice on how to handle the beatings and the pain.  She would smile when she knew it was the last thing I felt like doing.  She would encourage me to keep going and to keep my chin up.  

She was someone I really liked being around.  And she liked being around me.  



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