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family rules


I broke something.  I do not remember now what it was I broke.  It scared me because I broke something my parents cared about.  I knew I was in trouble.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  Both my parents were home.  I was so scared I bolted out of the house.  I went to the neighbor’s house and hid under their car.  I did realize this was not the smartest move to hide under a car, but I did not want anyone seeing me.  I was there for over an hour under the car just waiting for the screaming of my name to commence.  My heart was pounding.  Then I saw feet come out and walk by the car. I realized I could not stay there any longer.  The feet then went back inside the house.  I got out from under the car and then went and hid in the same neighbor’s bushes.  There was a little alcove cut out from the bushes where the meter was placed.  I scrunched myself into this spot.  The neighbor then came back out and drove away in her car.  I found out years later that she had gone into the house to call my parents to tell them I was hiding under her car.  She then went back out and I was gone.  I stayed in the bushes for another hour or so until I started itching.  I did not know where else to go.  I went across the street and hid behind some rather small trees. I knew they would not hide me if my parents came out looking for me.  But I stayed there anyway not wanting to go home.  I was gone a total of four hours.  I finally got bored and went home.  I walked through the front door and my parents were both their in the family room.  They did not say a word. I went into my bedroom and closed the door.  I was confused.  There was no screaming.  There was no demanding to know where I had been all day.  My parents just looked at me like they wanted me to go away.  My Mom told me years later that she thought my being afraid and hiding under a car was punishment enough for what I had done.  She also thought it was a rather stupid thing for me to do to hide under a car.  I think it was a rather desperate thing for me to do.  I knew enough that I should not be under a car because of the danger of not being seen and getting hurt.  But at the time, I was more concerned about protecting myself from my mother and father.  


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