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family rules

Who hated Kindergarten?

I did.

I had waited what seemed like many long years to start school.  I would watch my brother go off to school and I would be left behind.  I plagued my mother with questions of when could I start school.  Finally I was able to start Kindergarten and it started out well.  But as the year wore on, I was not brought to school on time.  My teacher did not like me coming in late every day.  I would beg my mother to get me to school on time.  The teacher finally told my mother that I was to be dropped off at the office and she would come get me at her convenience.  The shame I felt was incredible.  The teacher would come and get me after a few minutes and then she would snipe at me.  I hated the second half of Kindergarten and just wanted to go away and never go to school again.  Luckily, I went to the same school as my brother the following year in first grade so I did not have this problem again.  And first grade was awesome for me and I loved my first and second grade teachers so things did turn around for me later on.  I made friends in school and I loved being there.  One of the only good things I have gotten from my parents is a love of learning.  I do always like to educate myself and do a lot of this by reading.  My parents did instill a love of reading and learning in me at an early age. I know.  I said something good about my parents.  


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