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family rules

Mommy Please

Stop.  It was a joke to me.  When you hit me it was nowhere near as hard as when Daddy would hit me.  It came to the point that I wanted you to hit me instead.  I used to egg you on when I knew there was trouble brewing.  I much preferred it when you tried to punish me before Daddy got home.  But I still just wanted you to love me.  And I wanted you to stop hitting me, too.  Although your slaps didn’t hit as hard, they still hit their mark.  I became so tired of the slaps and punches from you.  I just wanted you to stop hitting me and start loving me.  I didn’t know if you ever did love me.  You never showed your love for me.  I was the baby you had just because you wanted to have one.  I was the burden.  I made the cardinal sin of taking after my father.  I was not like you and for that I’ve had to pay my entire life.  

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