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family rules

Mrs. Judy leaves us

Mrs. Judy would often sit in Brian and Hannah’s bedroom folding clothes and watching them play.  This was exactly what she was doing the day she left us.  I was playing by myself in my bedroom.  I heard a bit of a commotion in their room across the hall so I went into their bedroom.  Mrs. Judy was sitting on the couch having a stroke.  I yelled for John.  He came running in.  We were home alone that afternoon.  My mother had gone out.  My father was still at work.  John ran to the telephone in the kitchen.  I asked Mrs. Judy for the phone number.  She told me in between seizures.  I yelled the phone number to John.  He dialed the doctor’s phone number.  The doctor called an ambulance for Mrs. Judy.  The ambulance arrived at the same time as my mother.  They carried out Mrs. Judy.  I watched her go out on a stretcher.  It was the last time I ever saw her.  She had had a serious yet minor stroke.  She could no longer take care of four children.  I missed her for awhile.  She had always been kind to me.  Her presence always meant a hiatus from the nastiness my mother would heap out on me.  You see my mother would not dream of hitting me in front of someone like Mrs. Judy.  She would opt for the coward’s way out and hit me when no-one was watching.  I was proud of myself that day.  The men who came and took Mrs. Judy away that day told me my brother and I had saved her life.  I don’t know if that was completely true.  But we did get the help there that she needed.  This was before the time of cell phones.  It was even before the time of 911.  

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