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family rules

Plagued by bad dreams

They started the night my neighbor and my brother came into my bedroom to scare me half out of my mind about someone coming into my bedroom to kill me.  There were two recurring dreams that I had as a child.  The first one was involving dinosaurs.  It was a typical kid’s dream of roaming around in the caves with dinosaurs all around.  In my dreams, the dinosaurs ate us.  There was no forgiving rescue at the last minute.  It always ended the same.  I would be dead.  John would end up dead and so would my parents.  All eaten by the mighty t-rex. The dreams were unforgiving.  The dreams were relentless.  No-one survived. The second recurring dream I had involved our house.  It involved water.  I would be playing outside with the water faucet.  Then it would not turn off.  I would run into the house.  Water followed me.  I would run into my bedroom trying to get away from all the water.  My bedroom and the house would quickly fill up with the water from the outside faucet.  I would swim around a bit trying to find a way out.  And then I would drowned.  The outcome was always the same.  I always ended up dead.  And so the bad dreams that plagued me most my life also begin.

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