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Interpersonal Problems Begin

Believe it or not, I was fairly happy kid in school with lots of friends. In fifth grade, things began to change for me. I was growing up. I was maturing. My body was developing early. In fifth grade, two friends left me.  I had a best friend in school. Her name was Michelle. We did all the school activities together and homework. We hung out at each other’s house after school for two years. Then Lisa came to our school. Lisa decided she wanted Michelle for her best friend. Lisa started to shove me out. There was nothing I could do about it in the end. Michelle decided she wanted Lisa to be her best friend about halfway through the school year in fifth grade. I was devastated. I still had other friends in school, but it was not the same. I could not figure out why Michelle has taken her friendship away. I no longer went over to her house after school. I no longer was welcome to hang out with her during lunch. She wanted to be with Lisa. I was so hurt. A few months later, my friend Aileen did the same thing to me. Aileen lived down the street from me.  We had lived next to each other for eight years. We were always at each other’s house, especially over the summer breaks. We grew up together. Then one day, her mother wouldn’t let me in the house. Her mother barred the door with her arms folded.  Her mother said to me, “Aileen has another friend over and she doesn’t want to see you anymore.” Then the door shut in my face. Again, I was devastated by the actions of a supposed friend. I went home and sat on my bed wondering what I had done wrong. To this day, I’m not really sure what prompted the actions of Aileen and her mother.  I do know that Aileen is still best friends with the new girl she had been playing with that day.

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