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Taking Candy from Babies

Halloweeen was always a fun time of year for me and John. We were able to dress up and be kids for a little while. My mother would stay home passing out candy to the many children who would trick or treat. My father would take us out at sundown to get our candy fill. … Continue reading

Because he felt like it

My father would often beat John just because he felt like it. There was no rhyme or reason for it.  My father took out his rage on John and he did it often.  John did not do anything in particular at that moment in time.  Except maybe breathe.  John’s breathing probably did upset my father. … Continue reading

Our Babysitter

Mrs. Judy was what we called her.  She was seventy-two year old frail woman who took care of us after school for three years.  She was such a nice sweet old lady.  She would do our laundry, put away dishes, and just take care of us.  It was three years of after school care from … Continue reading

Coming through the door at the end of the day

Most people would think this a good and worthy activity.  In our home, during this stage of my childhood, it became a huge source of stress.  My parents would come together and kiss.  My mother always handed my father a glass of alcohol when he walked through the door.  And then I would push my … Continue reading

Writing the Great American Novel

My father has been a successful lawyer since he first opened up his doors to let people in the office.  He was very different to his clients than he was to anyone in his family.  It was a perfect facade for the people who worked with him.  He was Mr. Professional.  He never lost his … Continue reading

The Deception Begins

I was three.  I remember being happy.  We lived with my mother’s side of the family for one year.  That’s when my parents decided that enough was enough.  We were too close and under too much scrutiny from loving family members who would protect me and John.  That was not going to fly.  I had … Continue reading

My Younger Sister

Two years later, my baby sister was born.  She has almost the same birthday as me and I didn’t know what to think about that.  By this time, John and I knew it was not to be a time of celebration to have another sibling after what had been going on with Brian.  There was … Continue reading

my younger brother

When I was five, my parents decided that three children was no longer enough.  John and I were so excited about my mother’s pregnancy.  Things had calmed down during this time and all attention was focused on our mom and the impending arrival.  John and I often discussed how it would be having a new … Continue reading

My Grandfather

My paternal grandfather was also an interesting man.  He has had a profound effect on my life and the lives of my siblings and we barely knew the man.  I don’t ever remember him except in his wheel chair.  Before his wheel chair, he was a lot like my father.  He was a raging bully … Continue reading

My Father

My father is an interesting man.  He is highly intelligent.  He is an extemely well functioning alcoholic.  Sometimes I admire what he’s done out in the world.  But what he’s done in his home life and the torment he’s caused his children outweigh his good in the community (in my book).  John and I both … Continue reading