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Melissa comes to town

Melissa came to us after Mrs. Judy left.  I never saw Mrs. Judy again after she was wheeled out of our house into the waiting ambulance.  Melissa was her replacement.  She was five years older than me.  Two years older than John.  She was a godsend.  The three of us became close.  Melissa was mainly … Continue reading

Plagued by waking dreams

It was not just my nightmare slumber which began to effect me.  I also began being plagued by waking dreams which I could not control. I’m not sure exactly when these started for me. My guess would be sometime in third grade. It was typically in the morning.  I would have a hard time getting … Continue reading

Plagued by bad dreams

They started the night my neighbor and my brother came into my bedroom to scare me half out of my mind about someone coming into my bedroom to kill me.  There were two recurring dreams that I had as a child.  The first one was involving dinosaurs.  It was a typical kid’s dream of roaming … Continue reading

And so it starts

I was seven years older than Hannah.  I suffered the misfortune of being like my father.  My sister suffered the misfortune of being like my mother.  What to do about it?  Absolutely nothing.  It was like asking a leopard to change the color of its spots.  What could my mother have done about this?  She could … Continue reading

Mommy Please

Stop.  It was a joke to me.  When you hit me it was nowhere near as hard as when Daddy would hit me.  It came to the point that I wanted you to hit me instead.  I used to egg you on when I knew there was trouble brewing.  I much preferred it when you … Continue reading

Because he felt like it

My father would often beat John just because he felt like it. There was no rhyme or reason for it.  My father took out his rage on John and he did it often.  John did not do anything in particular at that moment in time.  Except maybe breathe.  John’s breathing probably did upset my father. … Continue reading


I was in my bedroom minding my own business in the late afternoon playing with my stuffed animals.  My mother came in and pulled me off my bed by my hair and dragged me into the kitchen and forcefully pushed me into a chair at the kitchen table.  She was ranting about her missing lipstick.  I … Continue reading

Who hated Kindergarten?

I did. I had waited what seemed like many long years to start school.  I would watch my brother go off to school and I would be left behind.  I plagued my mother with questions of when could I start school.  Finally I was able to start Kindergarten and it started out well.  But as … Continue reading

Fear of cars begins

My mother was a heavy smoker.  It was kind of gross.  The house smelled like cigarette smoke and there were cigarette butts stuffed everywhere.  My mother always smelled of smoke.  My father also smoked and always smelled this way as well.  Their bedroom was a haze of smoke.  My mother had to supply their habit … Continue reading

The coping mechanisms commence

I did the best I could with what I had to work with within the limits of my home and my imagination.  It was a good thing I was a smart inventive child.  I used this to help me cope with what was going on in my home behind closed doors.   I developed an … Continue reading