father and daughter relationships

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Melissa comes to town

Melissa came to us after Mrs. Judy left.  I never saw Mrs. Judy again after she was wheeled out of our house into the waiting ambulance.  Melissa was her replacement.  She was five years older than me.  Two years older than John.  She was a godsend.  The three of us became close.  Melissa was mainly … Continue reading

And so it starts

I was seven years older than Hannah.  I suffered the misfortune of being like my father.  My sister suffered the misfortune of being like my mother.  What to do about it?  Absolutely nothing.  It was like asking a leopard to change the color of its spots.  What could my mother have done about this?  She could … Continue reading

Daddy Please

Stop.  I loved you and I didn’t want to get beaten by you.  I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t stop hitting me.  You would slap me on my face.  You would punch me on my arms.  You would kick me when I was laying on the ground.  You would belt me whenever you felt like … Continue reading

I see my father

I was in fourth grade.  The four kids are almost in my mother’s car and ready to go to school.  I run back inside the house because I forgot my coat and it was a cold day.  I run through the front door and down the hall to my bedroom door.  My father thinks we … Continue reading


I broke something.  I do not remember now what it was I broke.  It scared me because I broke something my parents cared about.  I knew I was in trouble.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  Both my parents were home.  I was so scared I bolted out of the house.  I went to the neighbor’s … Continue reading

My relationship with Brian

I was almost six years old by the time Brian was born.  I had just lost my older sister, Lee, into no man’s land.  I missed her terribly.  I don’t remember associating Lee leaving with a new baby coming.  It has become obvious to me writing this journal that this was the reason Lee left … Continue reading