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Plagued by waking dreams

It was not just my nightmare slumber which began to effect me.  I also began being plagued by waking dreams which I could not control. I’m not sure exactly when these started for me. My guess would be sometime in third grade. It was typically in the morning.  I would have a hard time getting … Continue reading

And so it starts

I was seven years older than Hannah.  I suffered the misfortune of being like my father.  My sister suffered the misfortune of being like my mother.  What to do about it?  Absolutely nothing.  It was like asking a leopard to change the color of its spots.  What could my mother have done about this?  She could … Continue reading

Mrs. Judy leaves us

Mrs. Judy would often sit in Brian and Hannah’s bedroom folding clothes and watching them play.  This was exactly what she was doing the day she left us.  I was playing by myself in my bedroom.  I heard a bit of a commotion in their room across the hall so I went into their bedroom. … Continue reading

Mommy Please

Stop.  It was a joke to me.  When you hit me it was nowhere near as hard as when Daddy would hit me.  It came to the point that I wanted you to hit me instead.  I used to egg you on when I knew there was trouble brewing.  I much preferred it when you … Continue reading

I don’t eat fish or seafood

My mother would cook fish every Friday because that’s what good Catholics do.  Maybe she thought if she followed these rules it would ensure her entrance into heaven.  We ate fish every Friday which was fine.  Except I grew to hate filet of sole and that’s what she made for the kids.  She would prepare … Continue reading

on hating hair brushes

I have kept the stories from my short story out of my blog to keep them separate.  I am almost done with my short story and plan to publish it soon.  However, I thought I’d mention why I hate hair brushes here. My mother used to love to hit me with hair brushes.  It seemed … Continue reading


I was in my bedroom minding my own business in the late afternoon playing with my stuffed animals.  My mother came in and pulled me off my bed by my hair and dragged me into the kitchen and forcefully pushed me into a chair at the kitchen table.  She was ranting about her missing lipstick.  I … Continue reading

Who hated Kindergarten?

I did. I had waited what seemed like many long years to start school.  I would watch my brother go off to school and I would be left behind.  I plagued my mother with questions of when could I start school.  Finally I was able to start Kindergarten and it started out well.  But as … Continue reading


I broke something.  I do not remember now what it was I broke.  It scared me because I broke something my parents cared about.  I knew I was in trouble.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  Both my parents were home.  I was so scared I bolted out of the house.  I went to the neighbor’s … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

I went to go see Vertigo on the big screen revival a few years back and sat mesmerized as I watched Kim Novak portray this woman without a conscience.  It was incredible.  There was my mother alive and breathing on the big screen.  If you know this movie, then you know my mother.  My mother … Continue reading